Cabrini green housing project

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Cabrini–Green Homes

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This section needs additional protesters for verification. The End of Cabrini-Green.


After a long, troubled history, the notorious Chicago housing complex is closed for good. The project, led by developer Peter Holsten in conjunction with the Chicago Housing Authority, is part of a long-term design to replace an acre portion of the historically troubled Cabrini-Green public housing development an area bordered roughly by Larrabee, Division, Oak and Orleans with a collection of mixed-income residences.

The Cabrini Green projects not only became ridden with crime and gang activity by the mids, there was also a large amount of tenants unable to pay rent now that tenant screening was more lax and allowed several unemployed into the projects.

Today, the only remnants of the original Cabrini Green are the the string of rowhouses at Oak and Larrabee; built inthey were the first section of the project built. Soon, a new development.

Cabrini–Green Homes

Cabrini-Green—as the entire housing project came to be known—became a national symbol of the deteriorating state of public housing in Chicago when, intwo police officers were killed by a sniper in one of the buildings.

The Cabrini-Green Housing Project was a Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) managed housing project located on the city’s Near North Side neighborhood. The project was authorized by the Housing Act of which called for the construction of public housing as part of the effort to eliminate slums in major U.S.


Cabrini green housing project
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