Canada a beautiful country

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Canada Ranked The 2nd Most Beautiful Country In The World

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The Most Beautiful Country in the World Has Been Revealed

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Canada voted 2nd most beautiful country in the world

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Welcome to CANADA at CANADACOM We are delighted to introduce you to Canada, the second largest country and, most agree, the most beautiful country on Earth.

Readers of travel bible Rough Guides voted Canada as the second most beautiful country in the world in Of course in a country that covers nearly 10 million square kilometres, it’s a given that there will be plenty of breathtaking spots.

This website is % Canadian! Our information covers wild animals, wild places and lots of cool wild facts about Canada that are perfect for school reports. Lolo's Extreme is a place for adventurous families to explore ideas for their own RV road trip travels across the USA and Canada.

Do it now, before the kids don't want to travel with you anymore! News > UK > Home News Rough Guide readers name Scotland the 'most beautiful country in the world' Canada is second, with England seventh and Wales 10th.

The most beautiful country in the world – as voted by you

So you want to play some quizzes on Canada, eh? Well, you've come to the right place! Canada is an enormous country--and our quiz offerings are equally vast.

Canada a beautiful country
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