Fairness of performance appraisals

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The AFTEREFFECT OF Performance Appraisal On Employee Performance

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Are Performance Reviews Fair? Managers Disagree

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What Is the Difference Between Performance Appraisal & Evaluation?

preoccupation to use confidential appraisal system which hinders objectivity and fairness. Ef performance appraisals can cause friction, resentment and the consequent low morale. Since appraisals are rather subjective in nature, they can also be disputed in case of negative ones.


ABSTRACT Job and organizational changes has promoted the importance of social skill at work, however employee’s have not been able to fully explore to their advantage the performance.

This study will examine the perception of executive level employee toward performance appraisal which is applied in their organization It also investigated the technique of evaluation of performance appraisal, the level of effectiveness, justice and fairness when appraisal and satisfaction of employees toward the performance appraisal evaluation.

Article Abstract. Fairness and the perception of fairness are keys to successful performance appraisal.

Improving the Fairness of Performance Appraisals Essay

This is especially so in the public sector, where there are concerns about individual rights and social equity, managerial efficiency, and political responsiveness. Executive Summary.

7 Mistakes Managers Make When Doing Performance Appraisals

Hated by bosses and subordinates alike, traditional performance appraisals have been abandoned by more than a third of U.S. companies.

Fairness of performance appraisals
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