Lao writing alphabet

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Some minority nurses use separate writing systems; The Hmong have learned the Roman Command. Enables effective and fun furniture for toddlers, jobs and adults. The Lao and English alphabets share the same roots, but Lao has richer characters and is written in a more alarming fashion than Simple.

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Lao language

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Lao alphabet

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Lao Language

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Click on each Lao alphabet to listen to the sound. In these lists the consonants are cited by their "full" names. For example, the letter ກ is. Click on each Lao alphabet to listen to the sound.

In these lists the consonants are cited by their "full" names. For example, the letter ກ is called k OO ka # y, the k OO of "chicken". The Lao alphabet uses a calligraphy derived from that of India and very near to the Thai alphabet (we can find in these two languages, similar groups of consonants and vowels, having almost the same pronunciation.) Consonants.

There exists 34 consonants in the Lao language divided into 3 groups. Mar 05,  · Learn to speak Lao.

Tracing Lao Alphabet

เพลงเด็ก ก เอ๋ย ก ไก่ ชะชะช่า แบบเรียน ก-ฮ สำหรับเด็กอนุบาล. Here are fonts that can be downloaded so as to start getting used to Laotian writing.

To be able to use these characters without a special keyboard, you can download the picture that has been prepared to relate between the English keyboard (QWERTY) and Laotian letters. Sep 09,  · Lao, reading, writing system, consonants, vowels, phonemes, linguistics, language.

Lao writing alphabet
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