Permit expediting services long island

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Realtor Duty to Warn of Rental Permit

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Exceptional liner, shared beliefs and an old-fashioned shifting ethic further justify to our unbridled compliance on various platforms. Specializing in Long Island Permits, we guide you from start to finish in determining what permits you need, and then expediting their processing.

Call us today for a free No Obligation Estimate () or visit our website Along with your FREE estimate you will receive a detailed proposal!

If needed, architectural and engineering services offered as well as permit and expediting services. Dominion Expediting is a leader in municipal permit expediting, building code consulting and architectural plans in New York City, Long Island and Upstate New York. At Dominion we provide a turnkey solution for a.

New York Building Permits & Expediter Services. Looking for a permit expeditor in the State of New York? Express Permits has been servicing the State of New York for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and religious construction permits for over 10 years.

Below is a list of cities where our permit expediter services are available. expediting services, land use consulting, and many other services.

We pull permits in the Townships of Brookhaven, Southampton, Islip, and other Long Island municipalities.


It has become increasingly more difficult to obtain building permits in a timely manner. You might pay approximately $35 to $70 per hour for building permit expediting services, plus miscellaneous fees (copying, travel, etc.).

Half or full day booking .

Permit expediting services long island
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