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Then during the early s the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) chose the Latin alphabet as the official alphabet to write Oromo. Between and under the Mengistu regime the writing of Oromo in any script was forbidden, though limited usage of the Ge'ez script was allowed.

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It would have been better if there was an Amharic "transliteration" of the English words. For instance, an Amharic speaker should be able to look up for a word in Amharic, and that should be translated into English (in the English script) along with the transliteration (in the Amharic script).Reviews: 3.

Feb 19,  · Amharic is a dying language, like its cousin Geeze. No amount of crying or wallowing resuscitates it back to life. Tell your Neftenga friends (who buy you khat and feed you this false, exaggerated rumors about amhara language, and the beauty of Amhara girls) to take their blindfolds and face the ugly truth.

86 languages are spoken in Ethiopia. Amharic is the official, government language. That is, it is the language of the central government.

Spoken Language. Ethiopia. Africa. Linguistics. Language. What languages are spoken in Ethiopia? Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. Write with confidence. Grammarly's free writing app makes sure everything. Download Amharic Application For Android Mobile - real advice.

Amharic Keyboard Plugin and 4 more programs. as simple as selecting “Amharic write” from configure and Overall. Free Download (1) Quran Amharic MP3 Translation. Top Software Developers Members.

Write amharic software buy
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